Programmes & Services

The Programmes are tailored according to business phases of start-up, accelerate and scale-up tracks.
These tracks allow startups to progress. Some accelerated startups may skip and fast-track its access.

Services provided are as follows:

Start-up Programme
Accelerate Programme
Scale-up Programme

Case Studies

See how we helped our incubatees jump start their performance and fast-track their growth by leveraging on the ONERHT multidisciplinary platform of professional services

AirCarbon applies traditional commodity exchange architecture to carbon credits. Traditional commodities (e.g.: corn, soybeans and crude oil) trade digital receipts representing commodities held in a warehouse. These warehouses are organized around predefined specifications.

Similarly, we currently securitize carbon credits into tradable carbon asset classes. We organize credits around the markets they serve. Carbon credits held by the exchange are held in a Trust. For every credit deposited into the Trust, a corresponding one tonne Token, as defined below, resides on the Exchange.