Why Us

Rebel Labs Accelerator

Why Join Rebel Labs?

Accelerating through talents, branding, promotion, products, go-to-market and fundraising
The Rebel Labs Programme Approach
providing boot camp, product market fit, and capital raising
Boot Camp
  • Learn the art of rapid prototyping
  • Startup will design a prototype and test it with customers and industry experts
Achieve Product Market Fit
  • Identify the target segment and their needs
  • Define value proposition and product featured based on market and compte analysis
Build Sustainabile Revenue Model
  • Identify how customers pay
  • Map payment flow
  • Define revenue model and pricing hypothesis
  • Test the hypothesis
Make Money
  • Define buying process
  • Identify the sales and marketing channels
  • Determine sales/marketing spend and business viability
How to Scale and Get Funded
  • Assist startups with the art of storytelling
  • Streamline startup pitch and make startups investor ready for Demo Day

The Rebel Labs Approach

Uplifting the startups through one-stop enablement service
from use case, revenue model to listing

Providing One-stop Enablement Services to Startup

Rebel Labs has ready resources catering from training, operations, go-to-market and listing:

  1. Advisory services
  2. HR, Finance, Tech, Digital
  3. Wealth investments
  4. Capital Raising
  5. Digital Exchange