Why Us

Rebel Labs Accelerator

A One-Stop Enablement for Start-ups

We have ready resources ranging from training, operations, go-to-market, and listing for the following services and functions:

Advisory Services

HR, Finance, Tech & Digital

Wealth Investments

Capital Raising

Digital Exchange

Through our one-stop enablement service, we:


Customer Use Cases

Prioritised list of use cases, market segmentation and target industries with value chain map for each idea



Prioritised list of key competitors, substitutes, disruptors and their offerings for each use-case of each idea



Prioritised list of required GTM partnerships – Channel partners, Implementation partners etc.


Market Size

Addressable and addressed market size with forecasts by use-case, target industry and geography for each idea


Key Feature Insights

Prioritised differentiation areas and hygiene features for each idea


Revenue Model

Pricing model, promotional requirements – demos, free trial, etc. for use cases and target customers
The Rebel Labs Programme Approach
providing boot camp, product market fit, and capital raising
Boot Camp
  • Learn the art of rapid prototyping
  • Startup will design a prototype and test it with customers and industry experts
Achieve Product Market Fit
  • Identify the target segment and their needs
  • Define value proposition and product featured based on market and compte analysis
Build Sustainabile Revenue Model
  • Identify how customers pay
  • Map payment flow
  • Define revenue model and pricing hypothesis
  • Test the hypothesis
Make Money
  • Define buying process
  • Identify the sales and marketing channels
  • Determine sales/marketing spend and business viability
How to Scale and Get Funded
  • Assist startups with the art of storytelling
  • Streamline startup pitch and make startups investor ready for Demo Day